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Maple Bacon Cinnamon Roll Mix

Maple Bacon Cinnamon Roll Mix
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Think of these like bacon with your pancakes only better. They're light, airy cinnamon rolls with sugar, cinnamon, and bacon in the filling.  And they turn out great!

This is not a minor dessert.  And if you eat it every day, your doctor probably won't approve.  But once in a while . . . 

There's lots of bacon in these cinnamon rolls all topped with maple frosting.  It's a bacon lovers delight.

The frosting and filling mixes come with the pastry mix.  You'll need to provide your own bacon.  Fry and crumble the bacon and spread the bacon over the dough and the filling before rolling it up pinwheel fashion.  Comes with complete instructions.

Your family will be surprised and delighted when you make these cinnamon rolls.  Share them with neighbors; you'll be the talk of the neighborhood.

  • Makes a 9 x 13-inch pan of rolls that are two to three inches high
  • Detailed instructions make it easy, even if you've never baked cinnamon rolls before. 
  • Soft, moist, fluffy texture.
  • Proven and foolproof
  • Make them by hand or with your stand-type mixer.  
  • You add butter, water, and bacon. 

Delight your family with Maple Bacon Cinnamon Rolls. 

Maple and bacon go together--even in a cinnamon roll.


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