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Browning's Old-Fashioned Cream Style Chokecherry Honey, Gluten-Free, 16 oz. Gift Jar

Browning's Old-Fashioned Cream Style Chokecherry Honey, Gluten-Free, 16 oz. Gift Jar
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  • Naturally gluten free with all natural flavors
  • Plenty of all-natural chokecherry flavor perfect for toast, biscuits, rolls and sandwiches
  • Beautiful cream color that is delightful on any table 
  • Cream-style Rocky Mountain honey, pure and easy to spread 
  • Beautiful honeycomb jars that are perfect for gift-giving

We highly recommend this honey!  This is not your ordinary honey! This is an all natural product made with gluten-free ingredients.

It's premium clover honey from the valleys of the Rockies mixed with the natural, fresh flavor wild chokecherries. Chokecherries grow deep in the canyons in the Rockies.  They have a distinctive flavor, like a cousin to cranberries. Locals harvest the berries and make a delightful jelly.  Mixed into the honey, it's a wonderful treat.  It's a fantastic change from everyday honey.  

If you haven't yet tried a flavored honey, this is a a great place to start.  The flavor is bright and pronounced.  Even on a peanut butter sandwich, you'll experience the chokecherries in the honey.

The honey is beautiful--a bright maroon color and packed in an attractive honeycomb jar with a gold foil label suitable for gift giving.

You deserve this honey.  And if you want to impress your friends and family, serve this honey.  Better yet, get them a jar.

Each large, attractive glass jar contains 16 ounces of premium honey.

Ingredients: Pure honey, natural flavor, color. No preservatives added. 


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