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Rooster Roaster

Rooster Roaster
Product Code: TN269
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Roast chicken the right way!

Better chicken with less fat. 

It's the next best thing to a spit.  It holds the bird up where the heat can get to all sides for an evenly roasted, tender chicken.  The drippings fall in the pan below.   Instead of soggy meat, it's dry roasted.  And with less fat, it's better for you.  

The Rooster Roaster holds up to an eight pound chicken or turkey.  It's sturdy and it's non-stick for easy cleanup.  It knocks down for easy storage.

Editor's note:  We prefer a brined chicken to a dry roasted one.  Simply soak the chicken for an hour in the refrigerator in brine--1/2 cup salt in 8 to 10 cups water--before baking.  The result is a more succulent, moist chicken.   

" The right way to roast chicken! Sturdy and non-stick for easy clean-up."


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