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Ceramic Pie Crust Weights.

Ceramic Pie Crust Weights.
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 Make perfect pies with these pie weights!

Make sure your pie crusts bake evenly and without air pockets with these small round ceramic pie weights.


Over the years, we have used rice or beans for pie weights to stop bubbles and cracks in our pre-baked shells.  They work but they are a pain-in-the-neck.  How do you get the hot beans out of the pie shell?   Besides, the beans act as a heat sink and we're always guessing when the bottom crust is done.   These ceramic pie weights solve those problems. Just cover your unbaked shell with cooking paper and fill with the pie weights before baking to prevent uneven rising. Remove weights after baking, wash and store them in their container for reuse.
Instructions: Lightly press pie shell into pie pan and flute edges.  Prick shell with fork. Line unfilled pie shell with aluminum foil, parchment paper or wax paper.  Fill with Ceramic Pie Weights.  Partially bake as directed in your recipe.  Remove liner and Ceramic Pie Weights when cool.  Finish baking as directed.

Try these easy-to-use pie weights for better pie baking. Make sure your pie crusts bake evenly and without air pockets.


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