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Cake Pans

Here you can find everything from square, to checkerboard cake pans.

Brand: Norpro Model: TN3939
This 9 inch red springform pan will change the way you bake.Because it doesn't leak, this will be the most versatile pan in your kitchen! “This pan will open up an incredible new world of baking.  It has literally changed the way I bake.  I don’t make square brownies anymore. ..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN1020
Welcome to your everyday bowls.  You'll use them almost every day. It's the little things that make your kitchen efficient and pleasant.  Like having enough mixing bowls.    If you're like us, you never seem to have enough mixing bowls.  The ..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3998
Sometimes it's outstanding to be square!  When everyone else is doing round, do square.  Put regular round liners in square holes and get square cupcakes or muffins . . . or dinner rolls or cornbread or brownies or desserts.  We love to make ice cream cupcakes and most often use ou..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3942
Details Measures: 9" x 9" x 1.5" / 23cm x 23cm x 4cm Removable silicone sides with a glass base makes it easy to bake and serve with the same dish. Perfect for making all kinds sweet, delicate desserts and savory dishes: cheesecake, coffee cake, flawless chocolate cake, crown jewel jell..
9-inch Round Professional Cake Pan
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Brand: Norpro Model: TN3927
Use this professional pan for those special cakes! The right pan makes a difference!  Use this heavy gauge, professional pan, 9-inches in diameter, to make those special cakes.  The dark, heavy metal conducts heat evenly through the cake for even ..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3813
Make easy checkerboard cakes in any two colors you wish! It's easy to make a super fun checkerboard cake.  Use any two boxed cake mixes.  The set comes with three nine-inch cake pans.  Use the divider to make concentric rings.  Stack the layers as you would..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3975
Make mini-angel food cakes with this heavy duty professional quality pan! Angel food cakes are so good and a healthy, low-fat choice.  You'll love this professional quality pan.  6 cup pan.  Each cup is 2.5 inches deep and 4 inches in diamet..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3919
Imagine the fun you can have with this mini-cheesecake pan!   This is a great little pan for quiches, tartlets, muffins, little coffee cakes, hors d'ouveres, and much more.  Let your imagination reign and make all kinds of treats with this pan.   ..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3872
Great for making sweet and savory breads and cakes of all kinds including pull aparts, zucchini, banana, cinnamon, pound and carrot cake. Lemon bars and brownies. Meatloaves and lasagna and casserole dishes especially for two. Shepards pie, brownies, scallop potatoes, roast vegetable dishes and stuf..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3871
Great for making sweet and savory breads and cakes of all kinds including pull aparts, cinnamon rolls, quiche, deep dish pizza, brownies, pies and casseroles. Uniquely designed wide lip edge is ideal for ease in handling. Carbon steel with premium food safe, PFOA free nonstick coating for easy..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3977
This pan is not limited to angel food cakes. It can be used for coffee cake, fruit cake, and bundt cakes.This pan has so many features which make it far superior to most. It is made with a high quality nonstick material for easy release and cleaning. It has a wide outer lip for easy handling and a r..
Norpro Nonstick Mini Cheesecake Pan (12 cups)
Out Of Stock
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3917
Make cute little hors d'ouveres and appetizers with this mini cheesecake pan. Perfect for wedding receptions, family luncheons, birthday parties, and formal dinners. Mini cheesecakes can be elegant, fun, wacky, and anything in between. You could also try making mini quiches, tartlets, muffins, and c..
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