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Scones are probably the easiest and quickest of breads. Once you get the ingredients assembled, most recipes only require ten minutes of prep time and another ten minutes or so […]

Seven Keys to Make Perfect Scones

Lemon pie may be my favorite pie but I’m not crazy about the meringue. It’s kind of a take-it-or-leave-it affair.  What I really don’t like is how it looks on […]

The Double-Crusted Lemon Pie

We always look at the dessert menus in restaurants.  If there is something intriguing, we order it.  The waiters probably think it strange that we’re studying their desserts instead of […]

Cinnamon Bun Sundaes

This is a delightful cake, one of the favorites in the store. We topped this cake in several ways.  What you see on this is a light coating of lemon […]

Lemon Cream Cake with Lemon Filling

Pizzeria Meatloaf Ingredients 1 ½ pounds of lean ground beef 2 large eggs 1 small can tomato paste ½ cup bread crumbs 1 can olives, chopped ¾ cup chopped red […]

Mini Meat Loaf Recipes

By Dennis Weaver These are really simple to make. It’s simply a brownie baked in a pizza pan and then frosted and decorated with drizzles. 1. Bake the pizza. We […]

How To Make A Brownie Pizza

Grumpy Cupcakes are the creation of the Just Baked bakery chain in Michigan.  Our version is made with a moist cream cake cupcake filled with Bavarian cream and frosted with […]

Grandpa Grumpy Cupcakes

Did you know that you can make ganache with peanut butter? You can! And since ganache is easy, this is an easy topping. We added chopped pretzels as a coating.  […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Cupcakes

This cupcake is definitely for raspberry lovers. It is made with a chocolate cake mix and chocolate chips added to the batter. Then we filled them with raspberry pastry filling, […]

Chocolate Raspberry Buttercream Cupcakes

These are scrumptious, filled cupcakes with a lemon pie filling or lemon pastry filling.  (We recommend lemon pastry filling.  A pastry filling is more concentrated, has more flavor, and a little […]

Lemon Pie Filled Cupcakes

Black Forest is a mixture of chocolate and cherry.  We used a boxed cake mix and filled the cupcakes with cherry pastry filling.  We then used a chocolate buttercream frosting […]

Black Forest Cupcakes

Dennis Weaver & Debbie Frantzen Chiffon pies are ethereal–light and dreamy, refreshing, melt-in-your-mouth affairs.  They are perfect for summertime as well as anytime a light, less-filling dessert is desired. We […]

The Search for the Best Chiffon Pies

Vanilla can be confusing. There are so many different types, each with different flavor profile. Plus different use different methods and the beans they use may differ. And most processers […]

A Buyer’s Guide to Vanilla