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Chinese cooking is not that much different than American cooking.  The recipes are different and there are a few different techniques.  You have to be able to stir fry for […]

A Newbie’s Guide to Chinese Cooking

This is the orange chicken that you are familiar with in most Chinese restaurants.  It’s crispy and coated with a sweet orange sauce. This is one of the most popular […]

How to Make Orange Chicken

By Dennis Weaver   I like cooking with spices.   I like exploring and trying something new.  Of course, we’re all a bit reluctant to try something new if dinner is on […]

How to Use Spices in Everyday Meals

(Includes how to make a sandwich wrap) Last weekend Merri Ann and I went hiking with our 9-year old granddaughter, Anna.  It was delightful.  Anna and Merri Ann took pictures […]

A Lunch for a Mountain Hike

This is the recipe that Merri Ann used for Easter dinner mashed potatoes.  It’s a combination of several recipes that she found on line with her own simple seasoning.  Good […]

Merri Ann’s Crock Pot Potatoes

Dennis Weaver With the exception of the picture of the Tetons, the landscape images were taken in Eastern Idaho by Debbie Frantzen. This is our favorite time of year for […]

How to Have Great Picnics in the Fall

Plus “How a Burger Press Works” 1.   Use the right beef. Use the best meat you can buy.  Make sure it is fresh and use it within 48 hours.  […]

Four Steps to Incredible Burgers

This is our all-time favorite chicken skillet dinner—chicken and new potatoes slathered in sour cream. We’ve been making it for years, ever since we lived in Alaska where we grew […]

Chicken and New Potatoes Skillet Dinner

Teeny Tiny Spices Taco Seasoning
How to Make Simple Meals with Spices It’s been two years now since we started carrying spice blends from The Teeny Tiny Spice Company of Vermont. I’ve used them every […]

How to Make Simple Meals with Spices

Dinner is a challenge. It’s not that we don’t know how to cook but after a long day at work and with a dozen things to do at home, it […]

Four Steps to Easy Dinners

You can use this recipe to make cream soup from most vegetables.  Consider this for asparagus, fresh pea soup, carrot soup, celery soup, and more.  Since tastes and veggies vary, […]

Base Recipe for Cream Soup

You’ll love this white bean chili.  It’s hearty, spicy, and full of flavor—and easy to make with canned beans. This is comfort food. Ingredients 1/2 cup diced onions 1 tablespoon […]

Turkey White Bean Chili

Chicken is so versatile. This recipe calls for pairing the chicken with a cornbread dressing that is loaded with nuts and apple bits. You can use any leftover cornbread. We […]

Roast Chicken with Apple Cornbread Dressing

This is a really good chicken and biscuit casserole.  With cooked chicken, you can assemble this recipe in minutes.  It’s made easy with a can of cream of chicken soup […]

Chicken and Cheddar Biscuit Casserole Recipe