Sunburst Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda BreadWe love a good Irish Soda Bread, especially one with a bit of graham flour. We think the nutty taste of sunflower seeds make it even better. Here’s how to make Sunburst Irish Soda Bread from your favorite recipe or our Irish Soda Bread Mix.

Add 1/2-cup to 2/3-cup raw sunflower seeds to your recipe or mix. (That assumes that your recipe calls for about 3 cups of flour.) Mix per the directions.

Once the loaves are formed, spread another 1/2-cup sunflower seeds on the counter. Press the top half of the loaves into the seeds, pressing loose seeds into the dough as needed. When all the seeds are pressed into the dough, make the 1/4-inch deep slices across the loaves and bake as directed.


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