The Prepared Pantry Affiliate Program

Affiliate Introduction

We’re all about the kitchen! From baking mixes that are out of this world to seasonings, cooking gadgets, grilling tools, cake decorating, colors, flavors, and so much more. If your audience enjoys anything to do with cooking and baking then we’re a great match for you! Not only do we supply the tools and ingredients but we also have free e-books and magazines as well as our blog that highlights countless projects you can do in your kitchen – over 50,000 cooking and baking projects to choose from!

Our products range from bread, cookie, dessert, and pancake mixes to food coloring gels, decorating sugars, and chocolate. We’re a premium supplier of dried fruit, nuts, spices chocolate chips and wafers including hard-to-find chips like cinnamon and maple chips. We also sell quality kitchen tools at competitive prices including many hard to find tools and bake ware items. Manufacturers include Norpro, CDN, Wilton, Chicago Metallic, and Freiling.

Our extensive library is our pride and joy. Our library contains thousands of recipes and food articles, free e-books, a free 210-page “How to Bake” book, baking lessons, recipes collections, videos, and more. It is updated continually. The company’s website includes over 25,000+ pages of information. We pride ourselves on our test kitchen. Nothing makes it onto our shelves without first being tested and proven.

You can use our free e-books and magazines to help entice your customers to sales on our website. We’ll provide you with all the creative resources you need to be a success.

Affiliate Benefits

Commission Rates:

Our commissions range from 5% to 20% depending on your sales volume. Our average orders vary from $67 in the summer to double that in the winter. Our average order for gifts for others is around $25-$35.

Performance Incentives:

We believe in incentivizing our affiliate partners. The more you drive sales to our website the more we both win. We start everyone out at the baseline rate of 10% commissions per sale. If you sell over $5,001 worth of product in a 30 day period we bump it up to 12%. If you sell over $10,001 worth of product in a 30 day period we will reward you with a 15% commission.

In addition, we frequently send out free samples for our bloggers to test the products in their own homes and then write an honest review for their readers. We know your readers trust you and we know our products won’t let you down. Please email for more information on receiving free product.

Cookie Duration:

Not only do we provide excellent cookie mixes but we’re also generous with the cookie duration for our affiliates. We believe you should receive credit for the traffic you send our way and this is why you can count on our 90 cookie duration.

Affiliate Manager

You’re never alone. We’re here to support you in any way we can. You are welcome to contact our Affiliate Manager with any questions, comments, or requests. We strive to answer all communication within 24 hours (a little more on the weekend). For quickest results please email us at You can also reach us via phone by calling 208-745-7892.


Getting Started

We are set up with the world renowned Share A Sale website. It is one of the “big three” in affiliate marketing. Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Go to and click the yellow Affiliate Login button in theAffiliateJoin-700x700 upper right corner.
  2. Click the SIGN UP button at the top of the yellow box.  (see picture >>)
  3. Follow the Share A Sale procedure to set up your account. There are five steps.
  4. Once you have an account, you can apply to be an affiliate for Prepared Pantry by clicking on Merchants and then on Search for Merchants. There are several ways you can search for Prepared Pantry.
  5. When you find us, just click on ADD TO BASKET and your application will be auto approved and Voila! You are a Prepared Pantry affiliate! Congratulations!

Once you’ve been approved to be our affiliate, you can start gathering products from our Creatives and posting them on your site or on your Facebook page or just emailing them to your friends and loved ones. Anytime someone uses your link you’ve provided from your Share A Sale account, you will earn the commission from that sale. Oh, don’t forget to set up a direct deposit with Share A Sale so they have a place to put your money.

Thank you for joining our affiliate program. We look forward to working with you and helping your business grow!