How to Make an Omelet in Five Minutes

We were teaching an easy omelet class making individual three egg omelets as fast as the class could eat them.

“What would you like on this one?”

We had all the fillings lined up: cooked sausage, grated cheese, crumbled bacon, red and green sautéed bell peppers, caramelized onions, and sautéed mushrooms. To the right were bottles of Asian and other sauces for topping.

A couple on the front row had a question: “Making the omelets that way is easy but the fillings take time to prepare. There are just two of us. Can we make and freeze extra omelets?” No need to freeze the omelets; freeze the fillings and make the omelets in five minutes.

Yes, you can make an omelet in five minutes. The secret is making up extra fillings ahead of time, enough for a number of omelets, and then freezing them.

    • Do the prep work. Say you like cheese, sautéed vegetables, and bacon. Fry and crumble a pound of bacon. (Yes, that makes a lot of omelets but you’re doing prep work for future omelets; you’ll freeze what you don’t immediately use.) Sauté the vegetables including vegetables for future omelets.
    • Get ready. Put a pat of butter in your pan and start heating the pan. While the pan is heating, get the fillings ready. Grate the cheese. Defrost the other ingredients in the microwave. (Make sure the fillings are hot, not cold.)
    • Start cooking. As soon as the butter is melted and the pan is hot, start cooking the easy omelet way loading the fillings as directed. Your omelet should be done in just three minutes or so. From start to finish, including heating the pan, you’ll only spend five minutes using filling ingredients that were prepared ahead of time.

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It takes the right pan to make an omelet–a nonstick, rounded skillet. An eight inch pan is perfect for a three egg omelet. A 9 1/2 inch pan works for a five egg omelet.

The eight inch pan is one of the most used pans in our kitchen. It’s great for omelets, perfect for crepes, and just right to sauté mushrooms or onions to go with dinner.

Check out these omelet recipes

We have made hundreds and hundreds of omelets in the last year. Don’t be afraid to get adventuresome. One of our favorite omelets is a Thai omelet made with bean sprouts and chopped peanuts and topped with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.


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