How to Make Light and Fluffy Dinner Rolls:

Aunt Lois Sullivan always made the best dinner rolls.

The Sullivan Ranch is 30 miles west of the little town of Dubois, Idaho, and an hour and half from where we live. Neighbors are far apart. We drive across a high dessert plain covered with sagebrush and occasional wheat fields and then drop into a little valley. The ranch is in the center of the valley.

The Sullivan’s run maybe a thousand head of cattle in the valley. A little stream wanders through the verdant valley, providing water for the alfalfa fields, and power for the generators that light the house and ranch buildings.

The ranch is over a hundred years old, rich in heritage, with old implements on the hill and corrals and buildings that have been built and rebuilt over the years.

Aunt Lois made the best roast beef dinners . . . and soft dinner rolls. This isn’t her recipe but it’s close. We think you’ll like it.