How to Make Chocolate Banana Pops

Chocolate banana pops to arouse the tastebuds.

Make chocolate banana pops the kids will love!

We made some of these with our five-year old granddaughter, Anna. She was so excited.  They’re easy, fun, and really good.  They’re frozen bananas on a stick, dipped in chocolate, and rolled in sprinkles.

  • So fun to make! Turn these chocolate banana pops into a project for the kids. They’re so fun and easy to make. The whole family is sure to love them.
  • Great taste! Who doesn’t like chocolate and bananas? It’s a classic combination, and the crunch of the hardened chocolate over the banana makes it absolutely perfect.
  • So quick! All it takes is freezing the bananas a few hours ahead of time, melting the chocolate, and sprinkling extra goodies over the dipped bananas. You’ll be done in no time.
  • Healthy too! (But don’t tell the kids.) No one ever said tasty treats and popsicles couldn’t be healthy, and you don’t need to worry about and added preservatives.

What You'll Need for the Banana Pops

Chocolate covered bananas with sprinkles to show how to decorate the banana pops.

Chocolate and Sprinkles

You can use white chocolate or dark.  For sprinkles, you can use jimmies or decorating sugar. You can color your decorating sugar by mixing it with a couple drops of food coloring. The ones in the picture are rolled in jimmies and some in decorating sugar.  

Choose good melting chocolate.  Chocolate wafers are much better than chocolate chips.  Wafers have a finer grind and are smoother.  Wafers are made for candy makers and they’re just better than chips.

A Double Boiler or a Microwave

You can melt the chocolate in the microwave or use a double boiler. It’s easier with a double boiler—it will evenly melt the chocolate in the top pot from the steam in the bottom pot.  If you use a microwave, be careful not to cook the chocolate.

double boiler to show what to use for melting chocolate.


The bananas are the most important part of the chocolate banana pops. Peel them beforehand and put them in the freezer a couple of hours ahead. You can also freeze, coat, and decorate strawberries.

Got Bananas?

Your fun with bananas doesn’t have to end here. All you need to do is tell us where to send more yummy ways to use your bananas, and you’ll get a free mix too! 

Keep reading below for the recipe.

chocolate banana pops hanging from clothes line to show chocolate setting.

(Updated from May 13, 2014)