How to Bake: The Art and Science of Baking


Learn what they teach in culinary school–without the tuition!

Baking is both an art and a science.  Learn how ingredients work, learn the secrets of the pro’s—all for free. 

-Eight chapters

-Over 225 pages

-Includes proven recipes to illustrate principles and methods

All recipes are professionally tested in a commercial test kitchen

Available in PDF

Build your kitchen library now!

Nearly 1,000,000 Prepared Pantry baking books in use!

Chapter 1: Flour—the Basic Ingredient and How to Use it for the Best Baked Goods

Chapter 2: Eggs are wonderful!

Chapter 3: Yeast–How it Works and How to Use it

Chapter 4: Leaveners–What They Are and How They Work

Chapter 5: Dairy Products and How They Work in Your Baking

Chapter 6: The Fats We Use in Baking and the Role They Play

Chapter 7: Sweeteners in Your Baking

Chapter 8: Chocolate In Your Baking