Dessert Fillings

Make pastries and desserts like your favorite bakery–with the same fillings the pro’s use.  Fill donuts and cupcakes, spread a filling between cake layers, make little pies and turnovers, fill crepes and make strawberry blintzes, make thumbprint cookies—there are hundreds of fun things you can make with these fillings.

Use just what you need, where you need it.  Snip the corner on the bag and squeeze.  When you’re done, fold the corner over, put a paperclip on it, and store the remainder in your refrigerator for six months.

Check the prices; you can’t buy the ingredients and make your own for this.  These are large two-pound bags.  Each bag will fill dozens of cupcakes.

Make what the bakers make.  Don’t be without professional fillings in your pantry.

Learn how to make little turnover pies! >>

“I used [lemon] to top a cheesecake and as a filling for a white cake. For me, this is just the right balance of tart and sweet. Everyone raved about the taste. I’ll be doing a lot more experimenting with this.” Janet Morrissey (Baltimore, MD)

“I made a chocolate cake for my husband’s birthday and used the Bavarian cream filling between the layers. He couldn’t stop raving about it! It made the cake very special and it couldn’t have been easier. This will be a staple for me. I’m also going to use it for filling donuts.” Kathy R. (RI)


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