What’s the Big Deal with Cocoa Butter?

How much cocoa butter should my cocoa have?

The cocoa bean consists partly of fat and partly of nonfat solids. In processing the two are separated. The cocoa butter, the fatty part, is about the color of butter. The solids create the brown color.

It’s the cocoa butter that gives chocolate its rich, smooth taste. Chocolate melts in your mouth because the melting point is just below body temperature.

Cocoa butter is expensive; ground cocoa nonfat solids are cheap. It’s cocoa butter that makes great chocolate and great cocoa.

Cocoa can be segmented into three classes depending on the amount of cocoa butter.

Low cocoa butter: 8 to 10% range

Medium cocoa butter: 16 to 18% range

High cocoa butter: 22 to 28% range

I’ve never tasted a good cocoa that wasn’t at least 16% cocoa butter.

Most store cocoas have 8 to 10% cocoa butter.

The difference between high cocoa butter cocoa and low is dramatic.

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