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“Eight of these ramekins – that’s the new muffin pan!“ We’ve baked sticky toffee pudding in these pretty little ramekins.  Now we wanted to do the same thing with muffins. […]

How to Make Fancy Filled Muffins in Ramekins!

We love banana muffins this time of year. They fill a void waiting for the summer harvest to come on.  Besides, we’ve frozen so many over-ripe bananas over the course […]

Three Ways to Make Superb Banana Muffins

We think Mom should be able to sleep in on Mother’s Day. That means Dad and the kids need to fix breakfast. So maybe your Mother’s Day meal needs to be easy, as well as […]

Ten Easy Ideas for Mother’s Day

We’re serving crunch cake in our store this week: blueberry lemon, caramel peach, raspberry chocolate, mixed berry. The crunch comes from a layer of toasted, sliced almonds on top of […]

Crunchy Almond Topped Cakes and Muffins

What tastes better – caramel or vanilla? I use caramel more than I use vanilla. I love the warm flavor of caramel. I hardly ever make vanilla whipped cream anymore […]

Caramel is the New Vanilla

You can make breakfast sandwiches like the fast food restaurants with biscuits, English muffins or pancakes.  In this article, we’ll use biscuits.  For directions to make breakfast sandwiches with pancakes, check […]

Make Biscuit Breakfast Sandwiches

This is the same recipe as for standard-sized muffins except that our mini cinnamon chips are added.  This recipe makes 12 standard muffins with high domes. The keys for success […]

Banana Cinnamon Chip Muffin Recipe

This is a great breakfast muffin—sweet and moist and fruity but without a lot of fat. It has a full cup of chopped pecans. Rather than creaming butter and sugar […]

Banana Pecan Muffin Recipe

This muffin is scrumptious, our favorite chocolate muffin. The bananas give it a tender moistness and the nuts and chocolate chips are just right. This may be a little indulgent […]

Chocolate Banana Muffins

Corn muffins and blueberries are a classic combination. In this recipe, the corn meal is presoaked for a softer, less gritty texture. The not-too-sweet cornbread muffins set off the blueberries […]

Blueberry Corn Muffin Recipe

These are scrumptious. They should be—with all these goodies: lots of nuts, carrots, and pineapple. But with all these goodies to lift, they don’t dome as readily. This recipe fills […]

Carrot Cake Muffin Recipe

When we were putting this together, folks thought this was a really strange combination. When they tried them, they decided that “wonderful” was a more appropriate adjective than “strange”. These […]

Cheddar Pecan Corn Muffins

Hanna in Production told us that her favorite cookies were moist Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies. We made them. They are good. (Click here for the recipe for Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies.) […]

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins