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These are simple and so much fun! Use a cookie mix or your favorite recipe.  Just choose a drop cookie with a flat profile.  Make the cookie dough according to […]

Cookies on a Stick

Quiet Country Drives The Bone Store sits in Bone, Idaho, 17 miles down the Bone Road.  (Yes, there was a Mr. Bone, Mr. Orion Bone the town founder in the […]

Beyond the Bone Store

…Better Than A Bag When I was still in school, I worked in a potato chip factory. I quickly learned that chips off the line were much better than those from a […]

How to Make Potato Chips

When our kids were young, Merri Ann would make fritters often. The kids loved them. Back then, we drizzled them in maple syrup.  Now, it’s apricot or buttermilk or butter rum […]

Easy Corn, Pumpkin, and Apple Fritters

Every kid (and big person) loves brownies and there is not much easier on a busy day than a brownie mix.  But brownies can be messy with crumbs on the […]

How to Make Back-to-School Brownies

Whipped cream makes scrumptious frosting–better than butter or shortening-based buttercream frosting.  And it’s easy to make fabulous whipped cream. How to Make Fabulous Whipped Cream We use caramel whipped cream […]

How to Turn Your Whipped Cream into Frosting

(Includes how to make a sandwich wrap) Last weekend Merri Ann and I went hiking with our 9-year old granddaughter, Anna.  It was delightful.  Anna and Merri Ann took pictures […]

A Lunch for a Mountain Hike

I may have the most fun job on the planet!   I’m a food explorer.  I have an office just down the hall from the test kitchen.  I don’t do all […]

Seven Kitchen Breakthroughs I Love

I wasn’t sure about bacon cupcakes but I must admit, they’re good.  It’s no wonder—chocolate, bacon, and maple are a good, balanced combination. These are made with our Very Fudgy […]

Maple Bacon Cupcakes

Grumpy Cupcakes are the creation of the Just Baked bakery chain in Michigan.  Our version is made with a moist cream cake cupcake filled with Bavarian cream and frosted with […]

Grandpa Grumpy Cupcakes

Did you know that you can make ganache with peanut butter? You can! And since ganache is easy, this is an easy topping. We added chopped pretzels as a coating.  […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Cupcakes

This cupcake is definitely for raspberry lovers. It is made with a chocolate cake mix and chocolate chips added to the batter. Then we filled them with raspberry pastry filling, […]

Chocolate Raspberry Buttercream Cupcakes

Anyone who is a fan of bananas will love these cupcakes. They are made from a vanilla cake mix, filled with banana pudding, frosted with banana buttercream and topped with […]

Banana Pudding Cupcakes

These are scrumptious, filled cupcakes with a lemon pie filling or lemon pastry filling.  (We recommend lemon pastry filling.  A pastry filling is more concentrated, has more flavor, and a little […]

Lemon Pie Filled Cupcakes

Black Forest is a mixture of chocolate and cherry.  We used a boxed cake mix and filled the cupcakes with cherry pastry filling.  We then used a chocolate buttercream frosting […]

Black Forest Cupcakes