How to Bake Like a Pro with Pastry Fillings

Sweet rolls made with cherry pastry filling

Those scrumptious filled donuts, turnovers, and other filled pastries at your favorite bakeshop—chances are, they’re filled with Dawn pastry fillings. Dawn is the largest supplier of baking ingredients to bakeshops in America. And their fillings are outstanding.

These fillings come in two categories: Fruit and cream. The fruit fillings include raspberry, lemon, cherry, blueberry, and apple. The cream fillings include Bavarian, cream cheese, and chocolate Bavarian. Our best selling fillings are Bavarian, apple, and lemon.

Use Pastry Fillings to Bake Like the Pros

Pastry fillings are like pie fillings on steroids!Yes, you can use pie fillings in your pastries and desserts in place of pastry fillings but they are not as good. Conversely, do not replace pie fillings with pastry fillings.

A More Concentrated Flavor in Pastry Fillings

Pastry fillings are much more intense, more concentrated, than pie fillings. When you choose your filling, consider the ratio of filling to pastry.

In a pie, there is a lot of filling and not much pastry. In most pastries, there is a lot of pastry and relatively little filling. For balance, you need a more flavorful filling for pastries and a less concentrated one for pies.

Consider the Consistancy Between Pie and Pastry Fillings

The consistency is different in two regards: The pastry filling is firmer, less runny, and the chop of the fruit is finer.

You eat a pie with a fork so extra juice is manageable. You’ll eat the pastry with your hands so the thicker filling is necessary so the filling won’t squirt out of your pastry and dribble down your shirt.

The fruit is chopped finer. In a bakeshop, they’ll apply the fillings with a pastry bag. Whole cherries and large apple chunks won’t flow through the tip.

How to Use Pastry Filling

The pastry fillings that we sell come in a tube. You snip the corner and squeeze what you need—handy and no mess. When you are through, fold the corner over and secure it with a clip. It will keep in the refrigerator for months.

Which costs more, pastry or pie fillings?

Generally, our pastry fillings cost less than pie fillings from the local grocery store. That’s because the amount of pastry and dessert filling is so much greater. Compared to a 21 ounce can of pie filling, at two pounds, the dessert filling is 52% larger.

In pastry applications, you don’t use nearly as much filling as with pies. Two pounds of filling makes a lot of pastries or fillings for cakes.

Baking Like a Pro with Pastry Fillings

Want to see for yourself how good these pastry fillings are? Click on any of the recipes below to try them out and let us know which one is your favorite.

Use Your Pastry Filling to Accent these Cheesecake Bars

Imagine a cheesecake made into a bar with your favorite flavors.

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Turn Your Cupcakes into Pies with Pastry Fillings

Pictured is an apple pie cupcake with an apple pastry filling inside and on top.

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Make Stuffed French Toast with Pastry Filling

Pictured are French toast sticks made with stuffed French toast. See also how to make Apple Pie French Toast!

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Make Easy Turnovers with Pastry Fillings

Pictured is a lemon turnover. See how to make this and other turnovers in fifteen minutes.

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Fill Your Donuts with Pastry Filling

Pictured is a sugar-dusted bismark filled with raspberry pastry filling.

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Use Pastry Fillings Between Cake Layers

Pictured is an Apricot Cream Cake with a Mango Drizzle and an apricot pastry filling with frosting between the layers.

See other ways to use pastry fillings in layered cakes.

(Updated from May 12, 2014)

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