How to Make Crazy Good Desserts with Fancy Whipped Cream


Saturday was fun. The store was packed and I spent most of the day mingling with customers and making whipped cream. Those Chubby Cherry Brownies were great but what they went crazy over was the whipped cream toppings.

People love to try new things, scrumptious things, and especially if they can choose. We made eight kinds of whipped cream–no vanilla–and encouraged people to try a dab of this and a spoon of that.  Some folks tried all eight. They loved it.

How to Make Crazy Good Whipped Cream

The whipped cream can make the dessert, change an ordinary dessert to extraordinary.  An ordinary dessert has vanilla whipped cream.  An extraordinary dessert has caramel nut or ginger spiced whipped cream.

The Starting Point

On this Saturday, we weren’t following recipes, just freelancing.  Often I added more sugar or more flavor.  Twice I had too much flavor and had to add more whipped cream.  But here is the starting point:

  • One cup heavy whipping creambrownie-topped-with-bananas-and-fudge-topping
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon flavor
  • 1 tablespoon meringue powder

Whip the cream until stiff peaks are formed.

Notes and Tips

  1. The meringue powder is a stabilizer to retard melting. Only once during the day did I need to rewhip the whipped cream. When we used cream cheese, I omitted the meringue powder.  Cream cheese is a stabilizer.
  2. When using cream cheese, cream the sugar with the cream cheese before adding the whipping cream. Breaking up the cream cheese will help avoid cream cheese lumps in the finished product.  I was using one to two ounces of cream cheese for each one cup of whipping cream.
  3. If your whipped cream become saggy, rewhip it before it turns runny. You can rewhip cream at least several times.
  4. Taste your whipped cream before the cream is completely whipped. If it is not sweet enough, add more sugar.  If it needs more flavor, add it.
  5. If it is too sweet or has too much flavor, add more whipping cream. You can add cream to evenly firmly whipped cream and rewhip it.  That gives you a lot of bearing to correct mistakes.
  6. Use the best, heaviest whipping cream you can find. Avoid whipping cream with “milk added.”  It’s hard to get lesser cream to whip properly and it melts much more quickly.
  7. For the whipped creams that we made that Saturday and the Saturday before, we had over 100 flavors to choose from. Your arsenal is not going to be that extensive but invest in a nice selection.  We sell over 30 flavors and are adding more.blueberry-almond-crunch-cake-with-syrup-and-peach

For the Whipped Creams We Made

We made a number of straightforward whipped creams, just made with flavors.  French Vanilla, Amaretto, and Orange made excellent whipped cream.  These are available flavors.

We also made several whipped creams with flavors that we don’t currently carry.  Orange Creamcicle looked and tested like the ice cream bars.  We combined chopped pecans with a butter pecan flavor for an outstanding whipped cream.  It tasted very much like a Butterfinger candy bar.  These are so good that we’ll add them to our inventory.

We made a snickerdoodles whipped cream using snickerdoodles flavor.  If there is enough interest, we’ll carry that also.

Cherry Cheesecake Whipped Cream

This was made with cream cheese, granulated sugar, a bit of cherry flavor and several tablespoons of Chubby Cherry filling and topping added to taste.  The whip tore the cherries into pieces leaving perfectly sized cherry pieces in the whipped cream.  The cherries stained the whipped cream a delightful light pink.

It’s surprising how much filling you can add without upsetting the whipped cream.

Orange Cloud Whipped Cream

This is simply made with orange flavor and orange zest.  Be sure and not grate to deeply.  The flavor is in the orange layer and the white underneath is bitter.  You can also make lemon or lime cloud whipped cream.

Pineapple Cream Cheese Whipped Creamchoc-cupcake-light-choc-buttercream-frosting

This will stop your guests mid-sentence.  One nice gentlemen in the store wanted to eat the whole bowl.

It’s made with cream cheese, of course, and fresh pineapple.  I simply minced the pineapple with a chef’s knife, placed the minced pineapple in a layer of paper towels, and wrung the juice out of it.  I was afraid the juice would upset the whipped cream.  I added some pineapple flavor to complement the fresh pineapple.  Even with the pineapple, the whipped cream held up all afternoon.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Whipped Cream

I had some pineapple left over so I made some cherry cheesecake whipped cream and added the pineapple.  There was more pineapple than cherries but the cherries added that lovely pink again.  This was an outstanding whipped cream.

Caramel Whipped Cream and Caramel Nut Whipped Cream

Caramel whipped cream is outstanding.  We make it in place of vanilla whipped cream regularly.  (We almost never make vanilla whipped cream.)  Use brown sugar in place of the granulated sugar and caramel flavor in place of the vanilla. Simple.

To make caramel nut whipped cream, chop salted mixed snack nuts and fold it into the caramel whipped cream.  This generated “Wows.”  The crunch with the smooth and the salt with the sweet is just outstanding.  (We’ve made this with chopped pecans before.  It’s good but it doesn’t compare to the salted nuts.)

Chunky Peanut Butter Whipped Cream

This is surprisingly good, very good.  Whip the peanut butter with the sugar and proceed from there.  I like chunky much better than smooth and add chopped peanuts for a chunkier taste.  Don’t pass this up.  It’s good on an ice cream sundae.

Chocolate Whipped Creamcrepe-with-chubby-cherry-and-whipped-cream

No collection would be complete without chocolate whipped cream.  You can make it with or without cream cheese.  You can make it with cocoa or with melted chocolate.  They are all good.

If you are melting chocolate, heat the chocolate in the microwave being careful not to burn it.  Add the whipped cream a little at a time so that the chocolate doesn’t seize up when it comes in contact with the cold cream. Stir after each addition.

On Saturday we made two versions of chocolate whipped cream.  The first was a milk chocolate whipped cream.  We made it with Ramstadt Breda Medium Dark Cocoa because it has a softer “milk” tone to it.

The second was made with melted chocolate chips.  I added cherry filling to this too to make a black forest whipped cream.  It was outstanding.

What’s Next?

We’re on a whipped cream roll.  Next Saturday, we’re planning on making waffles.  That gives us a wide palette.  We can make a wide variety of pancakes with over 20 different kinds of pancake mixes and 30 kinds of syrup.  And then we top the waffles with whipped cream.

I don’t think we’ll run out of possibilities.

What are you going to make?