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Wash and Dry Salad Spinner

Wash and Dry Salad Spinner
Wash and Dry Salad Spinner

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  • Model: TN816
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No more soggy salads!

Safer salads!

Tainted salad greens keep making the news--and making people sick.  The best precaution is to wash your greens well with plenty of water.  But it's hard to dry those greens and avoid soggy salads.  Enter your salad spinner.  You can use plenty of water and the centrifugal force of spinning removes the water for a safer, drier salad.  And drier salads are crisper salads. 

Debbie Frantzen, our daughter, uses hers all the time.  She washes berries with it.  She spins the last of the water from her cooked pasta, she makes crisper salads, and she uses the basket as a colander.  She makes pizzas regularly, often thin crust pizzas with fresh spinach.  She says the spinach must be absolutely dry or the crust gets soggy.  She uses her spinner.  She even spins the grease from her cooked ground beef when she makes tacos and other dishes requiring cooked ground beef.  She washes the spinner in the top of her dish washer. 

This is a unique salad spinner.  It's the easy way to prepare your salads and other foods.

  • Unique flow-through unit.  Water enters the top and drains out the bottom
  • Smooth spinning mechanism. 
  • Funnel shaped top eliminates splashing.
  • Draining basket doubles as a colander. 
  • Nine-inch diameter

Make healthy salads in a flash--with no wet, soggy lettuce.

Use a salad spinner for safer, drier, crispier salads. Plus more.