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Beans & Lentils

Beans & Lentils


How to Make Great Soups Using Beans and Lentils

Use the “Quick Soak” method to dramatically cut your time!

Versatile. Delicious.  Economical.  Whether you’re making soup for your family or a casserole, you’ll find a great choice of beans here. 

Use these beans and lentils in nearly any soup recipe in three easy steps.  Experiment or use our bean soup recipes.

Step 1: Use the “quick soak” method.  Prep your beans in an hour, not overnight. 

Step 2: Prep the ingredient per the recipe.  Get everything in place.  Sauté the burger, chop the vegetables, and assemble the spices and sauces.

Step 3: Put it all together and simmer until the ingredients are tender.  Adjust the seasoning.


Beans and Lentils. Premium blends selected especially for making bean soups.

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