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Batter Mixes

These are great in Asian cooking!

You can use these for more than just Asian food. You can coat your meat with the panko crumbs and fry or bake them. It will be delicious either way. And you can deep fry just about anything with our tempura batter. Veggies, beef, name it. It will taste good. Find the perfect toppings and batters to add crunch and flavor to your favorite dish.
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Panko Japanese Bread Crumbs, Extra Large Size (over 10 cups)

This is famous name Panko, the best there is.  We're buying in bulk and passing the savings on ..


Tempura Batter Mix (2 lbs 4 oz.)

Tempura Batter Mix!  Use it on meats, seafood, vegetables, and sushi rolls, etc. Ingredients:..