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Batter-Drop Donut Dispenser

Batter-Drop Donut Dispenser
Product Code: TN3168
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With this donut dispenser, it's easy to make donuts like the pros.  In fact, it's very easy, as simple as making pancakes.

  1. Mix the batter just like pancakes.
  2. Heat the oil.
  3. Hold the dispenser over the hot oil and squeeze the handle. 

It's fun to make hassle-free donuts with this dispenser.  Each squeeze dispenses a perfect "O" to make very professional-looking donuts--for not much more than $10.

  • Make old-fashioned cake donuts.
  • Great for making pancakes and waffles!
  •  Includes five donut recipes plus pancake and waffle recipes.  Try all five. 
  •  2 cup capacity
  • Instructions are included
Because this is so easy and makes such professional looking donuts, use this handy dispenser to make fresh donuts for your family and friends often.  This is perfect for a Friday night get-together with friends and you'll have a blast making donuts and hot cocoa with the kids. 
 " This is the easy way to make donuts like the corner coffee shop!"

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