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All Baking Supplies and Ingredients


Baking is both an art and a science but if you understand the science, the art comes easier.
Did you ever wonder what makes baking powder double acting? Or what the difference is between bread flour and all-purpose flour? Or how much honey you should use to replace a cup of sugar?

 Find all of our baking ingredients here. Make your baking easier.

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Original Clearjel--Large 18 ounce package (about 4 cups)

Clearjel is a unique and very useful product.  It is a thickener used in pies, puddings, gravie..


Original Cream Cheese Frosting Mix

You add one eight-ounce package of cream cheese and a teaspoon of water and beat.  You can pipe..


Panko Japanese Bread Crumbs, Extra Large Size (over 10 cups)

This is famous name Panko, the best there is.  We're buying in bulk and passing the savings on ..


Perfect Pizza Flour Blend--Bulk Pizza Mix (Large 3.15 lb size)

Here's how to make a restaurant quality pizza from scratch!The secret is in the flour!A professional..


Pie Top Cutter, Set of 4

PIE TOP CUTTERS, SET OF 4 These pie top cutters come in spring-loaded shapes: Leaf, Strawberry, c..


Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals--Coarse (4.5 oz Glass Bottle)

This pure gourmet salt really is pink and it really is mined deep within the Himalayas. Put it in a ..


Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals--Medium (4.5 oz Glass Bottle)

This pure gourmet salt really is pink and it really is mined deep within the Himalayas. Put it in a ..


Premium Black Pepper, Fine Ground

Freshly ground black pepper has more flavor and brightens up all your meals.     ..


Premium Crushed Basil Leaves

Use this sweet basil for a wonderful touch to your cooking.     Though we often..


Premium Diced Chipotle Chili Peppers

Liven up your life with chipotle peppers--ready to add to breads, soups, and dishes. Chipotles ar..


Premium Mediterranean Oregano

Use this fine oregano for great Italian cooking.  This is a quality, fresh cut oregano. &nb..


Premium Minced White Onions (2.75oz)

Add onions to all your dishes the quick and easy way.   If you like to cook with onio..


Premium Potato Flour (20 ounces)

This package of potato flour will treat dozens of loaves.   Add it to your flour when ..


Premium Raw Sunflower Seeds

Use these sunflower seeds for your baking. Raw, shelled premium sunflower seeds, perfect fo..


Premium Sliced Almonds (12.5 oz package)

Sliced almonds are wonderful in baking, candy making, and snacks.   These almonds should be ..


Premium Slivered Almonds

Get these premium slivered almonds for your special recipes.       You d..


Premium Walnut Pieces (15.2 oz package)

Get these premium walnut pieces for great baking. These are great walnut pieces.  We're b..


Professional Dough Conditioner (8 ounces in a Mylar zipper bag)

Smart buy!  Compare cost per ounce in Mylar bag versus bottle. Dough conditioner (or dough..


Pure Cheddar Cheese Powder (9 ounces)

This is real cheddar cheese in a dry powder.  Use it to give a cheesy richness to rolls, muffin..