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Old Hearth Round Pizza Stone

Old Hearth Round Pizza Stone
Old Hearth Round Pizza Stone

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  • Model: TN5678
  • Weight: 3.87lb

No more soggy crusts with this large round pizza stone! 

Tired of soggy-bottomed pizzas?  Your pizza pan deflects the heat away from the crust and toppings insulate the crust from above resulting in underbaked, soggy crusts . . . or, to get the crust completely baked, you overbake the toppings.  Solve those problems with a preheated pizza stone.  By placing the dough on a preheated stone, the crust bakes quickly without overbaking the toppings for that perfect crisp crust.

  • Large 13-inch stone
  • Tough construction to last a lifetime. 
  • Cleans up easily
Baker's note:  Always preheat your baking stone.  Slip the pizza onto the hot stone without taking the stone from the oven. 
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Get the perfect pizza crust with this 13-inch round pizza stone. Tough construction to last a lifetime.