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Victorio Electric Snow Cone Machine

Victorio Electric Snow Cone Machine
Product Code: TPVKP1100
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It's more fun to make your own!

The kids can have their friends over and you can make them all snow cones for a tiny fraction of what they cost downtown.  It's quick and easy.  And the adults love them too.  (Look at all the adults standing in line at the snow cone shack.)

There are over a dozen flavors available. 

Put regular ice cubes into the feed, hit the button, and the stainless steel shaving blade makes light, refreshing snow.  Drizzle syrup over the snow.  That's all there is to it. 

Victorio makes great products.  Look at these features:

  • Tough stainless steel blade for long life.
  • Powerful motor to quickly cut through ice.
  • Clear plastic lid detaches for easy cleanup
  • Wide base for stability on the counter.
  • Rubber, non-slip feet.
  • Emergency shut-off switch

Make your own quality snow cones just like the shacks downtown!


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