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How to Bake a Perfect Pie! (108)

Never burn the crust again! Get free pie shields!

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How to make a perfect pie crust--for about $1.00 each
. . . even if you've never baked a pie before!

It's the crust that gives folks pause. The filling is easy.

Pie crusts from scratch can be tricky. But you don't have to mess with that. Do what the professional bakers do. They use a mix! And you can use the same mix that they use. We offer the same just-add-water mix they use, just in smaller packages.

And you really do just add water. Dump it into the mixing bowl and turn the mixer on for about a minute--until a dough ball forms. Then roll it out and cut an over-sized circle for each pie. The image here shows an easy way to form the edge.

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