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Sweet Sensations Salted Caramel Premium Glossy Frosting (Pro size 2 lb 4 oz tub)

Sweet Sensations Salted Caramel Premium Glossy Frosting (Pro size 2 lb 4 oz tub)

Fantastic! Like a fine caramel candy!

It's a smooth, high gloss, frosting without a hint of powdered sugar.

When we found this frosting, we were blown away by how good it was. When we started serving it in the store, folks were upset that they couldn't buy it. Now you can.

It's attractive but it's really good.

This frosting comes in one quart tubs with snap on lids, much larger than the grocery store--and twice as good.

You can spread it with a knife or pipe it with a bag.

It makes a great frosting for cupcakes.

Once opened, repalce the lid and use the remainder within six months. 

And if you don't think it's twice as good, we'll give you your money back.

Add this to your cart and make your cakes and cupcakes twice as good.






" The best ready made frosting you have ever tasted--and in quart sized tubs.

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