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Cranberry Key Lime Cookie Mix

Cranberry Key Lime Cookie Mix
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If you like key limes, you'll love these cookies!
We made dozens of these cookies to hand out in our store.  They were very well received.  Often we handed these cookies out with our Iced Key Lime Cookies.  Some preferred the cranberry lime cookies and some preferred the iced cookies but the consensus was that both were very good cookies.
Each package contains a cup of gourmet dried cranberries.  These are cold processed cranberries, brighter in color and with more flavor.
They are easy cookies to make--drop cookies that are a snap to mix and bake.  One mix makes three to four dozen cookies.  (Butter and eggs are not included.)


Cranberries and lime is a great combination. In these cookies, the sweetness of the cranberries balances the tartness of the key lime.


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