New Products!  The Secrets of Irish Bread

We've fallen in love with the Irish.  Our Irish Potato Wheat Bread is one of our favorite and most popular breads.  It is made with a high percentage of stone ground whole wheat and yet it is moist and chewy—not dry as many whole wheat breads.  It is attractive, generous and holds together well for some great sandwiches.  Now we have a companion bread, Irish Potato White Bread that we think you will like just as much.  And, we are also offering Irish Soda Bread. 

What are the secrets that make these breads so special?

Many authentic Irish breads—and all three of these—contain both baking soda and buttermilk.  The acidic buttermilk reacts with the soda to create a chemical reaction and bubbles from the reaction disperse throughout the loaf. 

In addition, in all of our Irish breads, we slip in a little potato flour—not just for the flavor but to keep the bread moist.  Potato flour is hygroscopic—that is, it attracts moisture from the air rather than drying out. 

The Irish Soda Bread has a rustic appearance and a texture much like a scone—in fact, if you think of it as a scone-in-a-loaf, you won't be far off.  Unlike scones, which tend to dry out if not used the same day they are baked, this bread will last for several days (because of the potato flour) making it a great answer to busy mornings.  We like to put slices in the microwave for fifteen seconds and then cover it with melting butter and a favorite jam. 

The other two loaves have the finish of yeast bread, are very attractive, and with a little different crumb than most yeast breads.  The dough is slightly softer than most bread dough and the bread is baked in a nine-inch pie pan to create a big round loaf.  Dusted with a little flour, this is a very attractive loaf.  You can choose between wheat and white.

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