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These are quality, fresh spices.  We buy from only the best sources with the finest products. 
We buy them for our mixes which gives us great buying power and then we cut out the middleman and package them ourselves to save you money. 
Save up to 70%!  You save even more when you buy larger, bulk-sized packages--up to 70% from grocery store spices.  For easy use, save your bulk spices in our classy glass spcie jars.
You get great spices, fresh, for a lot less.

Kitchen tip:  How long will your favorite spice keep?  That depends on how it is stored.  It will gradually lose potency but oxygen, light, and heat speed the process.  Keep your spices in a dark cupboard, not on the counter unless your containers are opaque, and in a sealed container.  They should not be stored over the stove where they are subject to more heat. 
In normal conditions, you should replace them every two years.

Gourmet Seasoning and Rubs for Seafood, Barbecuing, and more.
The best sea salts for cooking and baking
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Premium spice blends and sauces perfect for steaks, burgers, and chicken.
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A great variety of different spices.
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Pioneer Valley Gourmet Honey Apricot BBQ Sauce
List Price: $5.99
Price: $4.99
You Save: $1.00 (17 %)
Pioneer Valley Gourmet Honey Apricot BBQ Sauce
The richness and vibrancy of apricots coupled with a touch of honey makes this a sweet, yet tangy BBQ sauce. Try it on ribs, hamburgers, and chicken.