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These items didn't quite fit in a broad category. They are also great for baking.

Ingredients for Bread Recipes
Here you find ingredients and other supplies to make great bread
Ingredients for Cookie Recipes
You have all the tools here to make fantastic cookies. Even decorate them!
Ingredients for Muffin and Scone Recipes
You will find yummy inclusions to your baking. We have fruits, nuts, and chips.
Ingredients for Pancake Recipes
Here is everything you need to give your pancakes a little something extra.
Ingredients for Pie Recipes
Here's everything you'll need for making the perfect pies.
Other Baking Supplies
Here is everything you will need for better baking.
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cake leveler
Wilton Cake Leveler
Price: $11.76
Wilton Cake Leveler
Make your cake top perfectly level for precise decorating.
Pie Top Cutter, Set of 4
List Price: $11.44
Price: $10.69
You Save: $0.75 (7 %)
Pie Top Cutter, Set of 4
These pie top cutters come in spring-loaded shapes: Leaf, Strawberry, cherry and heart to make beautifully decorated pies. Easy to clean and use again and again.