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How many ways can you make a Rice Krispies® Treat? Lots. We’ll show you how—Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cranberry White Chocolate, Strawberry, and more. Make them for the kids; even make them for guests. If you are looking for a quick and easy treat—without turning the oven on—consider these.

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How to Make All Kinds of Rice Krispies® Treats

Rice Krispies® Treats are easy. But what if you want something a little fancier? You can make treats fancy enough to serve to guests. You can add chocolate or peanut butter or dried fruit or more. You can even make Rice Krispies Treats when you don’t have marshmallows.

Let’s start with the very basic Rice Krispies Treat. They are easy and quick and most people like them. Then let’s talk about how to fancy them up with other goodies. At that point, you can create and develop your own fancy Rice Krispies Treats.

There are two ways to make Rice Krispies Treats. The first and easiest is with marshmallows. The second is without marshmallows, made with corn syrup. The result is basically the same since marshmallows are made with corn syrup. We have included both kinds of recipes.

How can your Krispies Treats go wrong? We’ve experimented enough to know some of the ways. Here is what we have found:

Rice Krispies® is a registered trademark of Kellogg Company.

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Make perfect candy every time!

We’re thinking candy. The candy season is just around the corner. Nothing beats homemade candy for gifts or guests or just a splurge around the house. But we hate watching the thermometer like a hawk to make sure that the temperature is exactly right. And then the telephone rings.

Now you can solve all those problems and make perfect candy every time. Get this Never Fail Electronic Thermometer and Timer. The alarm will tell you when the temperature is exactly right so that your candy will be just right.

We bought these nifty electronic thermometers for breads and meats—the timer goes off when the bread or meat is baked just right—but you’ll fall in love with it as a candy thermometer. If you like homemade candy, you’ll love this thermometer.

Discover the wonders of white rye

White rye flour is wonderful. It is milled from rye grain, the inner part of the kernel. With its fine particles, it is the rye equivalent to wheat’s patent flour. We use it often to get just the right texture in a bread or muffin and a very subtle, almost sourdough-like taste. We even use white rye in our pizza doughs. Because it lacks the proteins for gluten, it is mixed with wheat flour—usually 25 to 40% rye flour in the mix.

As wonderful as white rye flour is, it is sometimes difficult to find in the store. We sell a white rye flour blend that is perfect for making breads. This week, you can also buy pure white rye flour.

We usually make our white rye breads without caraway seeds so that we capture the subtleties of the white rye. If you like the taste of caraway and the traditional stronger taste that we associate with rye bread, add the caraway seeds.

You’ll find the marvelous blend of traditional flavors in our white rye bread mixes. The caraway seeds are packaged separately so that you can make your loaves with or without caraway.

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