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Perfect Rye Bread
Earl Vandiver (Jeffersonville, IN) 1/9/2013 7:28 PM
Makes a delicious loaf of bread! Slighty chewy with a light crust. Great with tuna salad sandwiches. I do change the recipe a little. I add the water, 1/4 cup lt. olive oil instead of butter, 1 t. more of yeast, and 1 t. sugar. I have found this works perfect everytime. No guess work. Not had a loaf fail yet. I let this sit for 5 minutes, sift the flour mix, add it to the water mixture. Add a little more water if needed. Bake it on quick setting, lt.crust. Perfect loaf of bread, very moist and slighty chewy with a nice lt. crust. I use this method on most of the bread machine mixes, you don't have to measure the temperature of the water, just make sure it is lukewarm, not hot and not cold. So far every loaf has come out absolutely perfect! Hi Earl. Glad you like the bread. Thanks for the review. Glad the changes you are making are working. These mixes are developed around "midpoints"--the midpoint between too wet and too dry, too hot and too cold--to give you the greatest margin for error possible. Changes are always a little risky but it sounds like you are staying within those bounds. Yeast growth is very sensitive to temperature so we recommend a thermometer. Dennis