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Krona Clad Large Pot with Three-Way Glass Lid

Krona Clad Large Pot with Three-Way Glass Lid

Now you can buy quality steel clad cookware with a ton of great features.   

You'll use this 5 quart saucepan with a three way glass lid and stay cool handles.

We use Krona cookware in our test kitchen and at home.  It has the best, most even heat conductivity of any cookware we have used.  (Set your heat lower than what you are used to these pans heat up super fast.)  And we love the features. 

The Krona line of cookware is made with the finest quality stainless steel with a superior cladding technology.  The tri-ply encapsulated cladding ensures superb heat conductivity for rapid, even cooking.  Its unique construction sandwiches a layer of aluminum between two layers of stainless steel.

  • Attractive, rugged construction with an attractive mirror finish.  These are beautiful pans that will last a lifetime. 
  • Tri-ply encapsulated cladding disperses heat quickly and evenly.  No more hot spots.  Near "instant heat".
  • Large "stay cool" handles for easy and safe handling of hot foods without using hot pads.
  • Convenient, attractive pour spouts for no mess serving without spoons or ladles.
  • See through glass lids.  See how your food is doing without lifting the lid and disrupting the cooking.
  • Three-way lids can be closed to seal in freshness and vitamins, set to a small sieve for steaming and straining smaller particles, and a large sieve for draining pastas and vegetables without the use of colanders and without burning yourself.  

Cook foods evenly and accurately.  Make pasta and drain the water off without a colander and without burning yourself.  See when your broccoli is cooked without lifting the lid.  Cook cream soups and strain them when serving through the small sieve.  Cook a roast in the oven on either dry roast or steam.

You're going to love these pans. 

"This sauce pan is a real nice buy . . . it heats real fast and the straining lid and the pour spouts on both sides of the pan are great ideas. For soups and sauces, you don't need a ladle or serving spoon. Just pour it. This makes things so easy. I want the rest of the set." --KP in NV 

"These Krona pots cook very well, and the heat distributes very quickly due to the Tri-ply encapsulated base. With the lids on, cooking time is greatly reduced. The pots clean up easily and have retained their shiny good looks. I've burned food twice in the smaller pot, but it has cleaned up nicely with a little effort and stainless steel cleaner.  The larger pot has two handles which stay cool, and this size is very versatile for a small casserole or larger saucepan. The weight of these is just right, even the lids are well made and have a good fit.  These stainless steel pots are definitely a good buy and a joy to use."  Review found online

" A stainless steel clad 5 quart pot with a versatile glass lid. The finest cookware that you will ever use."

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