More Outdoor Bread

Yes, we know that we might be rushing the season just a bit but the snow is almost gone and we have spring fever.  We thought we would share with you some more tricks for bread in the great outdoors.  Some of these, you may have caught in earlier newsletters but check them out. 

• Fry Bread:  Fry Bread can be the hit of any camping trip meal, especially if there are kids along.  Served fried yeast bread with syrup or jam for breakfast or rolled in cinnamon and sugar as a doughnut-like pastry.  They can be cooked in an RV, over a camp stove, or an open fire.  We've cooked these at almost 11,000 feet, though we had to stick the dough in a sunny tent so that the it would rise. 

• Steamed Bread:
Steamed breads are great at home or on in the woods.   All they take is a tin can or a deep pot and can be cooked on the grill, over a fire, or on a burner.  No oven is required. 

• Indian Flatbread:
This is a quick and hearty camping bread that lends itself to a homemade mix.  Mix it up at home and throw it in the RV or the backpack.  When you get there, you can cook it with only a frying pan and because it is not a yeast bread, it's quick. 

• Makeshift Pizza on the Trail:
  For a number of years, we took groups of explorer scouts into the Beartooth Mountains of Montana.  A half day's hike from the trailhead are some broad meadows with two beautiful streams running through them.  We dubbed them Pizza Meadows—we always stopped at the edge of the meadows to make a pizza lunch.  Granted, these pizzas do not match those at Carmello's Pizza Shop but they are quick, energy-filled, and better than most trail food. 

These methods--along with baking on your grill--are great in the event that an emergency leaves you without power.  We suggest that you print this information and keep it available for an emergency. 

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