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Kansas City Popcorn Emporium Gourmet Popping Corn -- 4 pound bulk pack

Kansas City Popcorn Emporium Gourmet Popping Corn -- 4 pound bulk pack
"Merri Ann, my wife, is the queen of popcorn. Over the 34 years of our marriage, she must have made caramel popcorn a thousand times. She's long since memorized the recipe. She says this is better popcorn." -- Dennis Weaver

Make perfect popcorn with our Kansas City Popcorn Emporium Gourmet Popping Corn. Whether you're making candy popcorn or buttered popcorn, this popping corn is the best!
  • Perfect for candy popcorn? 
  • The favorite of popcorn shops
  • Pops pure white
  • Fewer hulls and bigger kernels

In our store we did popcorn Thursdays for a month. All we did was make candy popcorn for our customers and they loved it! We mixed and matched our food coloring and liquid flavors to a traditional candy popcorn recipe and the results were amazing. You can do the same!

Pop bigger, fluffier popcorn. 







You get four pounds of Kansas City Popcorn Emporium? Gourmet Popping Corn.

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