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Superior Product!
J. Mitchell (Mississippi) 12/11/2009 12:42 PM
I have tried other cup warmers and found them to be severely lacking. My favorite mugs all have a slightly concave bottom, which does not allow the full bottom of the mug to touch the warming surface. On other products this means my beverage cools to an unsatisfactory temperature quite rapidly. With only a small rim of the mug touching the warming surface of this product, my beverage of choice stays at (and sometimes slightly above) my preferred temperature for an extended period of time. I have used both ceramic and stainless steel mugs on this product with satisfactory results. In fact, style and substance of the mug notwithstanding, as the quantity of liquid in my mug dimenishes, the remainder of my beverage gets even hotter! Those who wish their beverages to be warmer might try finding a mug with a completely flat bottom. With more of the mug bottom touching the warming surface, more heat should reach the beverage. I have not yet found such a mug myself but such they are probably available to those who wish to pay the price... Kudos to Prepared Pantry for providing this wonderful cup warmer!
OSHA okay!! 1910.304(g)(6)(vii)(B)
Anthony Leary (Winchendon, MA) 12/2/2009 11:25 AM
OSHA code 1910.304(g)(6)(vii)(B) requires any appliance in an office be grounded (3 prong plug or be double insulated and labeld. I called and the customer service gall checked this unit is labeled!! Happy warm coffe days again for my wife. :) Listed or labeled portable tools and appliances if protected by an approved system of double insulation, or its equivalent, and distinctively marked.
Love This Cup Warmer!
Mavis (PA) 7/17/2009 1:01 PM
I received this warmer not too long ago and I just love it! My coffee stays good and hot compared to my old cup warmer. I just love the on/off switch and the ceramic base. Thank you so much for offering this warmer!
Mug warmer that works!
Liz K (Bennington, VT) 1/15/2009 8:40 AM
After doing many online product searches and reading countless reviews I happened upon this site with this mug warmer. It works exactly as described. I have a HuesNBrews mug which has a small rim on the bottom of the mug which causes the mug to only makes contact with the warmer on that rim. Doesn't matter; my tea stays hot! The white frame is ceramic which gets warm to the touch but no where near burning. The heating element definitely gets hot; in my opinion enough to burn if you kept your hand/finger there too long. Be aware of that but I would not consider this a flaw if you truly want to keep your drink hot. Would highly recommend to anyone who likes their drinks hot. Add'l info: heating element is 3.75" diam. Entire unit is 5.25" diam. Height is about 1.75". On/Off switch is 3" from base. Cord is 5 ft long.
Wonderful gift idea-REALLY works
SunShine (Michigan) 11/8/2008 8:33 AM
These MUG/cup warmers are EXCELLENT!!!! Yippee!!! I had almost dispaired of finding them. Had one from 20 years ago that was 25 watts and couldn't find any others that REALLY worked--(was afraid the old one would stop working). Many others CLAIM to keep warm but didn't meet the claim since they were only about 9 or so watts. THESE DO!!!! Great gift idea and at a fair price-since they REALLY do what they are supposed to do!!!! Thanks SO very, very much!!!