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To eat the cookie, or not to eat the cookie, that is the question…
Richard Anderson (Dayton, OR) 9/10/2008 12:50 PM
Shakespeare had it right when he said, “To be, or not to be, that is the question…. Tis nobler to eat a Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookie….” Some may think that the sound of having “Cranberries” in a cookie sounds strange…; nothing could be further from the truth. I have tasted many a cookie in my life, and this one takes the cake… opps, I mean cookie. A perfect blend of spices, cranberries and chocolate chips makes this one scrumptious cookie, that one will savoir for a life time. And you know how kids love to sample the cookie dough… well WATCH OUT KIDS! It’s the adults you have to watch out for now.