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Strainers, Peelers & Juicers

Strainers, Peelers & Juicers

Here you will find a great selection of strainers and peelers:

  • Victorio Strainers
  • Strainers
  • Colanders
  • Chinois
  • Jelly Bags
  • Apple Peelers
  • Juicers

 Here you will find a great selection of strainers and peelers.

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The Apple Master

"This really does save 2/3's your time.  We've timed it in baking classes.  Using our just..


Deluxe Fruit and Veggie Juicer

Separate the juice from the pulp of your favorite fruits and vegetables to create your own fresh jui..


Spiralizer: Triple Spiral Slicer

See the video and get the recipe book below. Now you can make fast, fun meals with the twist of h..


Accessories for the Sauce Master/Victorio Mesh Strainer Model 200--Salsa Screen

SALSA SCREEN Salsa made easy.Use to strain tomatoes and vegetables. Ideal for making salsa and toma..


Apple Mate 1

This apple corer cuts the apple and removes the core in one easy motion.  Heav..


Grape Spiral for Norpro 1991 Sauce Master II

GRAPE SPIRAL FOR SAUCE MASTER II This grape spiral is an accessory/attachment for Norpro Item# 19..


Jelly Strainer with Bag

This jelly strainer is a handy tool:  Strain your fruit right over the bowl. ..


Jumbo Tomato and Applesauce Press

This is an attractive, easy-to-clean rotating screen type strainer.  Make applesauce or press t..


Large Stainless Steel Strainer

Your kitchen is not complete without a large stainless steel strainer! A larg..


Medium Stainless Steel Strainer

Your kitchen is not complete without a medium stainless steel strainer! A med..


Norpro Professional Gauge Juicer and Steamer

  This is a multiple unit set.  You get an 11.75 quart cooking pot with lid, an 11.75 q..


Norpro Stainless Steel Chinois with Stand and Pestle Set

Strain and puree fruits and vegetables for your own soups and sauces.  Perfect for canning.&nbs..


Small Stainless Steel Strainer

You'll find a thousand uses for this handy stainless steel strainer! This is ..


Stainless Steel Berry Screen For Norpro 1991 Sauce Master II

Attachment for Norpro 1991 Sauce Master II Fine 3/64" Mesh screen attachment for Norpro 1991 Sauc..