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Burger Buddy Burger Press

Burger Buddy Burger Press

Say goodbye to ordinary burgers!  You really do make better burgers with a hamburger press. 

You want a burger that holds together, doesn't break up in your pan or when you try to eat it.  you want a burger that is tender and juicy and cooked just right.  A Burger Buddy can help:
  • You can control how compressed your burgers are.  You want them gently pressed, just firm enough that they hold together.  That way, they're nice and juicy.  Too hard and they're hockey pucks.  Too hard and you press the juices from the meat making your burger tough and dry.
  • You make them uniformly thick so that they cook evenly.
  • You control the size.  They are just right for the bun and you can make each burger a quarter, a third, or a half pound.

When you cook your burgers, season them before you cook them.  Only turn them once; that way they retain more of the juice.  Don't press the burgers with the back of the spatula.  You don't want to compress them or press juice from them. 

With this tool, you'll make perfect, uniform patties every time.  They taste better; they even look better. 

Add this to your cart and say goodbye to ordinary burgers. 
Here's how this little gizmo works:

Put a mound of meat on a sheet of plastic wrap or waxed paper.  Push down with the press just enough to force the meat to the edges of the press.  Lift up and push the center plunger to release the patty.  A uniform meat patty will drop on plastic wrap.

Each patty will be four inches in diameter.  A 3/8-inch thick patty will weigh 1/4 pound.  A 1/2-inch thick patty will weigh 1/3 pound. 

Add this to your cart and make better burgers. 

" Make better burgers with a Burger Buddy!"

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