With this hamburger press, make burgers like a pro.

Deluxe Burger Buddy Pro Hamburger Press

Deluxe Burger Buddy Pro Hamburger Press

Make burgers like a pro with this Deluxe Burger Buddy Pro Hamburger Press!

This is a serious hamburger press. It's big and hefty and ruggedly made with pewter-like metal and a hardwood handle. It's solid and attractive. With this tool, you'll make perfect, uniform patties every time. They will look better and cook evenly for better tasting burgers.

Here's how this hamburger press works:

Put mounds of hamburger on sheets of waxed paper. Place the burger mounds on the waxed paper in the press. Push down with the press to force the meat to the edges of the press. Presto! You will have uniform meat patties. Each patty will be 4 1/2 inches in diameter. A 3/8-inch thick patty will weigh about 1/3 pound.

This hamburger press is nearly 12 inches long by 4 3/4 inches wide.

What's the advantage of a double hamburger press? Well, it's cool! And it's twice as fast. But the big advantage is that it is easier to get uniform patties with a double press.

"This is a kick-butt hamburger press."--MA

Price: $17.99
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Manufactured by Norpro

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