What pan should you use for cornbread?

Here we’ll present five choices for pans for cornbread and give you the advantages of each.

Cast iron skillets.  This is the traditional choice for skillet cornbread, cornbread that is usually rich in eggs.  The pan should be well-seasoned and coated with butter or other fat.  A cast iron skillet will give you a crusty, crunchy cornbread.  Dutch ovens make great cornbread.  For some, cast iron skillets are a disadvantage because they have to be kept seasoned and dry.

Other skillets.  We use a clad stainless skillet often for cornbread.  It heats quickly and gives a crunchy crust.  We always melt butter in the pan before turning in the batter.  You can use nonstick skillets but use a nylon knife to cut the cornbread to avoid damaging the finish.

Springform pans.  We use springform pans most of the time unless we are making very egg skillet cornbread.  We always use glass-base springform pans.  Snap the ring off for a neat, attractive presentation.  You can cut right on the glass base without damaging the pan and serve right from the glass base.  A springform pan will not give a crust like a heavy skillet will.

Square cake pans.   Like a springform pan, a cake pan will not give you a heavy crust.  These are most suitable for cake-like cornbread recipes.  It’s harder to get neat cut pieces from a square pan and you’ll need to use a nylon knife if the pan has a nonstick surface.

Cornbread molds.  These are often cast iron and give a crunchy crust on all sides.

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