About Our Packaging

large-packagingEach mix is carefully double packaged for long term storage. The exterior pouch is constructed of a double layer Mylar material. Mylar protects the product against oxygen and light, both of which accelerate the deterioration of food. The inner bags are made of heavy duty three or four-mil plastic. All products are vacuum packed. It costs more to package this way but it is necessary to maximize the life of your foods.

Most grocery store products are packaged in light-duty plastic bags and placed in a boxboard carton. Such packaging is only acceptable if the product is to be used while fresh. Oxygen slowly seeps into plastic bags. (In the industry, it’s known as the “oxygen transfer rate”–plastic sheeting allows oxygen molecules to slowly migrate through.)

Our packaging forms an effective barrier to both oxygen and light making it a long-term storage solution. We recommend using most products within two years but with proper storage, the product can be safely used after that. (Exceptions are those products that contain nuts, cheese, and whole wheat. Because of their high oil content, we recommend using them in one year. Nuts are always packaged separately so that they can be discarded if necessary. Always smell nuts before using and discard them if you detect any rancid odor)