Notes from The Pannekoeken Huis

It had been over five years since we had visited the Pannekoeken Huis in Maplewood, Minnesota.  But we remembered their pannekoeken and enjoyed them.  These guys know pannekoeken.  We picked up the phone and called the restaurant.

Derek Moberg is the manager of the Pannekoeken Huis in Maplewood, Minnesota.  (Maplewood is a northern suburb of the Twin Cities.  There are three other Pannekoeken Huis restaurants in the Twin Cities.)  Derek is friendly, quiet spoken, and helpful.

“The recipe for the batter is secret,” said Derek.   But he continued to talk, telling us what was popular and giving us tips.

“We only bake them for eight to eleven minutes,” Derek explained.

We had been baking them for longer than that.  We reduced the time—but not that much–and yes, they were just fine, maybe better.

Derek explained that they make pannekoeken with fruit in two ways: either baking the fruit right into the pannekoeken or cooking the fruit and putting it on top.  We tried both ways and they were great.  At the restaurant, they often cook the pannekoeken according to the desires of the customer, with fruit on top or cooked in.  We found that with apple pannekoeken, if you cook the apples into the pannekoeken, they need to be thinly sliced so that they are cooked adequately.

“Derek, what’s your most popular pannekoeken,” we asked.

“Apple pannekoeken cooked with brown sugar.  Our second most popular is a fresh strawberry pannekoeken made with a sweetened sour cream filling.”

I told Derek how much we enjoyed the restaurant’s dinner pannekoekens, the savory pannekoekens.  He explained that they still made them and they were popular.  He faxed us a copy of the dinner menu.

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