Making “Dutch Baby” pancakes—pannekoeken

Dutch baby pancakes or pannekoeken are a dream on a busy morning.  Because they rely on steam to rise and have no leavening, the batter can be mixed the night before.  In the morning, preheat the oven and the pan, pour in the batter, and come back in fifteen minutes.  Presto.  You’ll have hot pannekoeken.  Just serve with syrup.

What You’ll Need

  • Pannekoeken Pan. It is possible to make pannekoeken in rounded, nonstick, 11-inch skillet but a pannekoeken pan is perfect.  Besides, you get a free economy mix to make nine pannekoeken.
  • Pannekoeken Mixes.  You can make pannekoeken from scratch but why bother?  Pannekoeken mixes are cheap, about a dime a serving.  And better.  And you can choose different varieties.  And this week, get a free mix with your $40 order.
  • Pancake syrups.  Think beyond maple.  Try fruit and cream syrups.  Many of the gourmet combinations above call for cream syrups.  Use them both to top pancakes and waffles and as a dessert syrup.