How to Make Piroshki

Piroshki are Russian-style pocket sandwiches.  They can be filled with a variety of foods and are great for snacks, lunches, and appetizers.  They are easy to make with this little dough press.  And of course, you can use your dough press for turnovers, calzones, and dumplings.

Here’s how to make piroshki:

  1. Make the Dough:  Piroshki can be made with either a baking powder or yeast dough.  The dough recipe that we use is egg rich and good enough to rival yeast doughs.
  2. Cook the Filling:  The filling can be made with meat and cheese, vegetables, or even scrambled eggs.  Let your imagination be your guide.
  3. Assemble and Bake:  Roll the dough, cut into 6-inch circles, add filling, fold the dough over and seal the edges, and bake.

They are very simple to make.  As we experimented with different fillings and recipes, we learned some lessons:

  • Cheese will leak out if the dough is not carefully sealed.  Dampen the edges of the circle with a pastry brush and water before sealing.  (We didn’t find that necessary with the other recipes.)  Reduce the baking time by five minutes.
  • The dough will absorb some liquid from the filling.  Add an extra half-cup of water to the filling for moister piroshki.
  • New, waxy potatoes work well in piroshki.  Russet potatoes are too starchy to match up with the starch in the crust.

Recipes to try:


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