How to Make Cupcake Sandwiches


We’ve had a ball making cupcake sandwiches.

Cupcake sandwiches are easy, they’re fun, and they’re scrumptious–like these:

  • Raspberry Cream Cupcake Sandwiches (pictured on this page)
  • Lemon Pie Cupcake Sandwiches
  • Chocolate Fudge Cupcake Sandwiches

My daughter, Debbie, made some Wormy Green Apple Cupcake Sandwiches. She added green food coloring to the cake mix, used apple filling between the layers, and dangled some gummy worms out of the filling. Very cute.

You can make all these with a boxed cake mix and frosting mix—incredible desserts that are easy to make.

CupcakeSandwichStepsSo how do you do it?  It’s a very simple concept.  You take two cupcake tops (just the tops) and make a sandwich with frosting or frosting and pastry filling between the two.

But how do you make the tops?  Scoop batter into the depressions on a cupcake top pan. You can “doctor-up” the cake mix by adding colors and flavors—or maybe raspberry bits like with the ones shown on this page.

You can fill them with frosting or you can fill them with a combination of frosting and pastry filling.  Most are make with only frosting.  But it’s no more work to add pastry filling and we really like pastry filling.  (Pastry filling—that’s the good stuff that your baker puts in filled donuts, apple turnovers, and cream puffs.  It comes in cream fillings like Bavarian cream, chocolate, and cream cheese and fruit fillings like apple, raspberry, and lemon.)

We’ll tell you how here

Step 1:  Bake the cupcake tops

Mix the batter per the package directions.  Scoop batter into each of the indentations on your muffin top pan.  We use a large ice cream scoop that holds 1/4 cup to get just the right amount of batter each time.  (The slide action in the scoop cleanly releases the batter.)  Bake the tops and put them on a wire rack to cool.  Since the tops are thinner than cupcakes, they bake quicker than cupcakes—ten minutes in our oven.  Set the timer early and check them with a toothpick.

You’ll need a muffin top pan. (Use this for muffin tops too.  You’ll make only the tops of the muffins—the best part.)


Step 2:  Assemble the cupcake sandwiches

Match the cupcake tops up in pairs.  With the cupcake tops upside down, squeeze a rim of frosting around the perimeter of half the cupcake tops as shown in the pictures are the left. If you are going to fill the cupcakes with pastry filling, fill the interior of the ring with pastry filling.  If not, continue filling the ring with frosting. Shake sprinkles or other decorations on the exposed frosting. Place a top on the filled cupcake, top up, to complete the sandwich.

Our buttercream frosting mixes are perfect for cupcake sandwiches but you can use your favorite recipe.  At the time of this writing, you get a free mix to make 2 1/2 pounds of frosting with your muffin pan.  But don’t wait; we don’t know how long this offer will last.
You can also choose from a very nice selection of professional pastry fillings and decorations.