Why We Love Refrigerator Cookies


Baking cookies seem to fill the house with a sense of well-being and peace. Perhaps it is the smell of butter, vanilla, and spices emanating from the hot oven. Maybe it is the love and caring attention that is evident in cookies. Home, love, and cookies seem to go together.

We like to bake cookies often. That’s why we often choose refrigerator, or icebox, cookies. They can be made up ahead of time-even months ahead-and stored until ready to bake. Baking up those stored refrigerator cookies is mess free, takes little time, and you only need to bake what you need for the moment. Drop cookies are quick cookies; refrigerator cookies are convenient cookies.

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Refrigerator cookies are also attractive cookies. Nothing beats the uniform slices and consistent shape of refrigerator cookies. To keep that uniform shape, slice while the dough is still cold and firm and turn the log after every few cookies to keep the log round. If the cookies have a flat edge, mold them back to shape with the curl of your finger before baking.

Form the refrigerator cookies into logs (or blocks) by placing the dough in waxed paper and then rolling the dough, paper and all, on the counter to form a uniform cylinder. Press and smooth with your fingers to make a rectangular log or block. The logs can be refrigerated for at least a week or frozen for months. When you are ready to bake, remove the logs from the refrigerator to unthaw. It’s easier to slice a log that is not completely thawed and the cookies bake fine-though you may need to add another minute or so to the timer.

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