What kind of pan do you need for pannekoeken?

It’s nice to have a dedicated pan but the right skillet will work.  Pannekoeken is steam driven and as the batter expends, it slides across the smooth surface of the pan, rounds the gentle curves, and slides up the sides of the pan.  When the pannekoeken comes from the oven, you have a dramatic bowl extending three or four inches above the sides of the pan.  You can fill your pannekoeken with goodies or just serve it with syrup.

If your skillet has a gently rounded transition from bottom to sides and a good nonstick surface, you can use that.  If not, get a pannekoeken pan and a free mix to make nine pannekoeken.

An 11-inch round nonstick skillet works well for a three-egg pannekoeken.

An 8-inch round nonstick skillet or 9 1/2-inch round nonstick skillet works well for a two-egg pannekoeken.